• CSP in Brazil

    Brazil is one of the high potential countries for CSP development.

  • Projects in Brazil

    There are currently two projects under implementation in Brazil: Petrolina-PE and Vale do Açu-RN.

  • CSP in video

    Concentrating Solar Power is one of the most promising alternatives for the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix. Watch the movie and find out how this idea arriverd here.

Brazil’s energy matrix is predominantly based on renewable energy sources and needs a higher level of diversification.
CSP technology is not yet consolidated; and Brazil has just started to develop knowledge.
In this cooperation project, Brazil's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development create the prerequisites for the application and dissemination of a CSP based energy generation in Brazil. Cooperation has also been established with the performer partner of the Online Platform for CSP, the Brazilian Institute for Information in Science and Technology (IBICT)
For the expansion and continuous update of the Online Platform for CSP, a multidisciplinary team of professionals with different profiles was established. Allied to this methodology of interdisciplinarity, the POHLT ensures that innovation and knowledge production occur naturally and in interesting ways.
Expert Dr. Gladen Henner analyzes the WSJ’s article about Ivanpah plant published on June 12, 2015.